26,000 Kung-Fu Fighting Chinese Kids and M.I.A.

Gener8ion with M.I.A. video

Gener8ion with M.I.A. video

The music video for “The New International Sound Part II” by Gener8ion with M.I.A. shows scenes from Shaolin Tagou, China’s biggest Kung Fu School. According to the award-winning 2012 documentary Dragon Girls, the school is home to 26,000 students.

Dragon Girls was directed by German filmmaker Inigo Westmeier—who is also the director of the above music video. In fact, the video says that it was “adapted from” Dragon Girls. Here’s the trailer:

Description of the film, from the Brooklyn Film Festival listing:

Dragon Girls tells the story of three Chinese Girls, training to become Kung Fu Fighters, far away from their families at the Shaolin Kung Fu School, located right next to the Shaolin Monastery in Central-China, place of origin of Kung Fu.Three girls in a crowd of 26.000 children, under pressure to conform to the norms and structures: they are turned into fighting robots and yet, if you look behind the curtain, you see children with dreams and aspirations.

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