13 Parodies of Milo Manara, Frank Cho and the Infamous Spider-Woman Pose

Deadpool Hillary Clinton

Frank Cho’s covers parodying the Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover were instant classics, images that struck a chord with fans and haters alike. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, see this post:

What the Hell is Frank Cho Doing?

We’d like to think nothing is above parody—least of all parody itself. This collection of images from DeviantArt that were created in response to the Cho/Manara silliness bears that out. We’ll start with one you might have seen back when the Manara cover was just the Manara cover—DarthTerry‘s image was one of the first reactions, and it made people on all sides of the controversy laugh, which is always a good thing:

Artist caiooliveira gave Manara a taste of his own medicine, drawing him in the pose he’d given Spider-Woman.

This naughty image by POLO-JASSO is interesting because it puts Spider-Man crawling up the wall behind Spider-Woman—foreshadowing Frank Cho’s second-person gags.

More foreshadowing—DarkerEve put Spider Gwen in Spider-Woman’s pose months before Cho did, but without Spidey peeking over the ledge behind her:

Still more foreshadowing—this picture from 2014 by Titancross has Harley Quinn striking the pose and Deadpool playing svengali. Cho would later express something similar with Harley-Joker and Wonder Woman-Batman covers.

When Frank Cho got in on the action, DarthTerry was inspired to do another Deadpool parody, this time of Cho’s parody of Manara:

Remember how Milo Manara was made to strike Spider-Woman’s pose? You knew they wouldn’t let Frank Cho escape the same fate. They didn’t—”they” being AenTheArtist:

…and “they” also being bronze-dragonrider, who explained “rather than fold to the criticism, [Frank Cho] doubled down and kept poking fun at it. Repeatedly. My friend thought this was pretty ballsy, so she asked me to do a drawing of Frank Cho (in his monkeyboy persona) drawing himself in the position”:

Straight-up Frank Cho parody, Rocky Horror style, from wayneabrown35:

Another Frank Cho parody, by Simon-Williams-Art, using his own superheroes The YMCAgent and Afro-Man.

Hentaiboy parodies Cho with this Mickey/Minnie picture, and puns him as well, remarking “To be Frank, she’s a bit of a Cho off.” /Groan.

Not everybody’s costume can handle the Spider-Woman pose without malfunctioning, as brunostahl demonstrates:

Finally, there’s this. With no second person coming up behind the former Secretary of State, it would really just be a parody of Manara, but artist Laemeur said that he was inspired to make this image by the controversy over Cho’s parodies. In fact, Laemeur wrote a very long post about the original superhero images, and Manara, and Cho, and his own Hillary Clinton drawing, and made many interesting points. But we’re almost out of time—you can read Laemeur’s post at DeviantArt if you wish.

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