12 Scribbly, Messy, yet Oddly Precise Portraits by Vince Low

Immortan Joe
Immortan Joe
Immortan Joe of “Mad Max: Fury Road” by Vince Low

Vince Low is an artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who has built a fan following with drawings he executes in an unconventional “scribble” style. On his website, he tells his story—he’s dyslexic, and his limitations in a school system that didn’t understand him earned him punishments. The frustrations in turn set him on a path of antisocial behavior, including gang life, but he eventually found a way out through art.

Clint Eastwood by Vince Low

Regarding his signature style, he says:

“I started off by scribbling on my sketchbook, trying to find a direction. And over time, I discovered something in those scribbles – potential. I knew that it would be a challenge for me to scribble out and capture the souls and characters of those people in the portraits. For that reason, I was determined to make a breakthrough”

To see his latest images, follow Vince on Facebook.

Jim Morrison by Vince Low

Low is one of three artists who’ve just launched the “tiga” sketchbook campaign on Kickstarter. Their aim is to raise $19,000 to produce high-quality sketchbooks that feature some of their work in addition to (of course) many many blank pages for buyers to create their own. In the first day, they’ve raised over $4,000, getting them one-fifth of the way to their goal.

Wonder Woman by Vince Low

Marilyn Monroe by Vince Low

Liam Neeson by Vince Low

James Hetfield by Vince Low

Jack Nicholson by Vince Low

Immortan Joe by Vince Low

Heath Ledger by Vince Low

Arnold Schwarzenegger by Vince Low

Albert Einstein by Vince Low

Abraham Lincoln by Vince Low

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