Sun Eater Concept Art Released by Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse has released some early concept art for his Sun Eater story — a tale he’s been crafting for five years. Sun Eater will see the light of day as a nine-issue series published by Heavy Metal; it’s available for pre-order now and will ship near the end of July. These images are a […]

20 Paperback Covers by Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Take a look at the work of the fantasy artist Frank Frazetta reportedly considered the greatest.

Heavy Metal Creator Chats With Dan Fogler, Tim Seeley

Dan Fogler, actor (of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fantstic Beasts’ fame) and author, discusses his comics titles ‘Brooklyn Gladiator,’ ‘Fishkill,’ and ‘Moon Lake,’ all coming soon from Heavy Metal.

Peach Momoko’s Seductive, Deadly Samurai and Sukeban [14 Pictures]

Hot comics cover artist and HM contributor Peach Momoko tells us about her illustrations of samurai, sukeban and hannya.

The ‘Gateway’ of Sean Andrew Murray, Heavy Metal Cover Artist [12 Pictures]

Journey into cover artist Sean Andrew Murray’s fantasy world of ‘The Gateway.’

‘At The Border,’ Fiction by Joshua Sky

A couple artifact hunters who go to a faraway world and are tempted to buy a mysterious object. What could go wrong?