‘Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast’ Writer Ian Edginton Interviewed!

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast v2 no2

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast v2 no2

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast writer Ian Edginton speaks with Comicon.com today about the series, which has entered its second season as Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast — Night City (check out a preview here). Edginton shared his thoughts on the reception of the first series:

I don’t think the fans knew quite what to expect and they were pleasantly surprised. It was basically a loud, brash, fun and ‘in your face’ comic to do. … One guy came to one signing dressed as Eddie, complete with the full face mask, and didn’t talk the whole time. He just grunted and growled, which was just awesome.

Edginton goes on to mention that he’s heard that Bruce Dickinson and the band are pleased, and mentioned a short video they posted, which we haven’t shared here before. Here it is:

The second part of Iron Maiden: LOTB is set in London in 1981, and all hell has broken loose. It’s not just an interesting era for nostalgia’s sake; it’s also the year Dickinson joined the band (leading to the release of Number of the Beast in 1982). It’s one of several touches meant to connect with longtime Maiden fans, as Edginton explains:

It’s a very dark, Satanic-looking London. And, we’ve got a lot more Iron Maiden references and Easter eggs in, too. Like the name of the pub in the first issue – The Cart and Horses – is where the band first played.

The over-the-top storytelling continues, even picking up momentum in Night City. Edginton told Comicon that readers had better brace themselves for

…a huge crescendo. … big spreads, huge fights through London building up to a final showdown on Big Ben. Plus, as this is the middle part of a planned trilogy of comic book series, this ends on something of a cliffhanger.

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