Dan Fogler Reveals ‘Brooklyn Gladiator’ Details

Dan Fogler spoke about Brooklyn Gladiator, his upcoming title published by Heavy Metal, with Bill Watters of Nerdbot. We’ve been hearing about this new title — available for pre-order in the shop (shipping July 1) — from the Fantastic Beasts and Walking Dead actor in bits and pieces. Well, here’s a big new chunk for you.

“John Miller is public enemy number one, fighting nanite-enhanced maniacs in the underground gladiator circuit and selling bootleg drugs that undercut the government’s own brand,” Folger tells Nerdbot. “Now John is developing uncanny psychic powers that allow him to bypass the state’s tech and tap into ancient knowledge. As he sets out to dismantle the machines that run his world, he’ll come to a completely new understanding of the concept of civilization.”

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