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COVID-19 Explained in One Sci-Fi Horror Supercut

Everything you need to know to survive COVID-19 you learned by watching sci-fi & horror movies.

Milo Manara’s COVID-19 Heroes

When COVID-19 hit Italy, it hit hard, with northern Italy becoming Europe’s hottest hot zone in February. By mid-March, all of Italy was under lockdown. For longtime Heavy Metal contributor Milo Manara, the COVID-19 pandemic has been hugely affecting. For starters, he lives in Veneto, in northern Italy. He also has a niece who works […]

Dungeons & Dragons COVID-19 Edition: The Ultimate Binge

By Joshua Sky Describing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) to people who’ve never played before is oddly challenging. To this day, even the game’s surviving creators have trouble explaining it to newcomers. The game is storytelling, tactics, diplomacy – not to mention fantasy and pretend all rolled into one. Games can last hours, days or even […]

Kraftwerk’s Forgotten ‘Autobahn’ Animated Video

With the death of Florian Schneider, half of the creative partnership of Kraftwerk leaves the mortal plane for the great synthesizer in the sky. Kraftwerk have been called one of the most influential musical acts of all time — with some musicologists placing them on a plane of innovators that includes The Beatles and Chuck […]