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Damnation: More ‘Metal Made Flesh’ From HM Cover Artist Simeon Aston

Simeon Aston and Jeremy Biggs are back at it, with Damnation, another chapter in their Metal Made Flesh saga, currently gathering funds on Kickstarter. Aston is one of our favorite stylists in the comics medium, delivering detail-rich sci-fi drawings with distinctive color schemes. When you’re in a world created by Simeon Aston, you know it […]

Heavy Metal: The Making of the Movie (from August 1981)

Heavy Metal, the movie, had its premiere 40 years ago, and to celebrate the anniversary we've got a treat for fans: The "Making of" article that ran in the August 1981 issue of Heavy Metal.

Tarot Cards of Eerie Pictures: See the Photo-based ‘Somnia’ Deck

Nicolas Bruno’s art grew out of a habitual rea-world experience called sleep paralysis, and now he’s collected his surreal visions into perhaps the most interesting tarot deck we’ve ever seen. Sleep paralysis happens on the edges of sleep — when a person is falling asleep or waking up. The person has some level of awareness, […]

CinemaSins Finds (Only) 125 Things Wrong With the 1981 ‘Heavy Metal’ Movie

Heavy Metal is the movie that we somehow managed to get into theaters in 1981, an anthology of animated stories based on some tales from the magazine and voiced by SCTV actors. It’s a landmark in animation and it’s a cultural artifact — a classic case of “you could never do that today.” But it […]

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