Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Moebius’ Surreal Jimi Hendrix Portraits

Of all the images Moebius created in his career, some of the most affecting are his fantasy-ified portraits of Jimi Hendrix. These were produced for Emotions Electriques, a ’90s book by journalist Jean-Nöel Coghe — with whom there was some Moebius-Jimi history already. Moebius created the wraparound album cover for a 1975 French release combining […]

Len Wein Speaks: a NERTZ Podcast Director’s Cut

A very special tribute episode of NERTZ in which Mathew Klickstein’s 2014 interview with legendary (and, as of 2017, late) comic book creator and icon Len Wein (co-creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, et al; editor of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, etc.) is expanded and explored, delving into the changing face of the comic book industry today. […]

The Mandalorian Season 2: Watch the Trailer

The trailer for season 2 of Disney/Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian is here — and it promises some great scenes. Check it out: Honestly, if you grew up loving the Star Wars universe, any TV or movie that nails the scenery is appealing, but season 1 of this show turned out to be a good watch as […]

Dotty’s Inferno: Pinups by Bob Fingerman’s Friends

Written and illustrated by the great Bob Fingerman, Dotty’s Inferno is a graphic novel about a call girl who dies and goes to hell, only to be assigned a job in the Inhuman Resources department, New Male Arrivals division. That’s a crappy job alright. Fortunately she gets away from her desk plenty often and her […]

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