Introducing the Viking Ship Fire Pit, for the Manliest Patio Ever

Viking Ship fire pit


When you’re not out a-raiding and pillaging, there’s nothing like spending a quiet night by the pyre. This viking ship fire pit is made-to-order by ImagineMetalArt and will add that extra element of manliness and savagery to your backyard. Because you, sir, are a viking. You are a bloodthirsty raider who strikes fear into the hearts of common sailors and seaside villagers. You party with giant flagons of mead and ale, and your lady-folk wear seal-fur g-strings when entertaining company.

At the very least, you’ve Netflix’ed every episode of the History Channel’s Vikings. That much is clear.

How do we know all this about you? Because, out on the patio, in amongst the potted plants and matching teak furniture, you have a fearsome viking ship fire pit. Get one: $446.00 from ImagineMetalArt; shipping extra.

Viking ship fire pit


Viking ship fire pit


Viking ship fire pit


Viking ship fire pit


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