How Kinky Will HBO’s “Westworld” Be? Read This Agreement


A publicity still from “Westworld” in which stars James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood are not engaging in hand-to-genital contact.

We were pretty psyched about the western/sci-fi Westworld, an upcoming HBO series based on the 1973 movie of the same name that starred Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, and James Brolin. The movie, which was written and directed by Michael Crichton, portrayed a theme park of sorts for grownups in which they could have a wild west adventure complete with real cowboys played by sophisticated robots.

The TV series, which stars Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood, looks like it’s built on the same premise—but judging from a consent form that was given to actors, HBO’s version seems to be a bit racier than the original. Check out this hot premium-cable action:

This document serves to inform you that this project will require you to be fully nude and/or witness others fully nude and participate in graphic sexual situations. By accepting this Project assignment, you may be required to do any of the following: appear fully nude; wear a pubic hair patch; perform genital-to-genital touching; have your genitals painted; simulate oral sex with hand-to-genital touching; contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude; pose on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back; ride on someone’s back while you are both fully nude; and other assorted acts the Project may require. The Project will also include language and sexual situations that some may consider personally objectionable or uncomfortable.

Some performers weren’t too thrilled with these terms, and neither was SAG-AFTRA once they got wind of it. The massive showbiz union, according to EW.com, issued an alert informing its members that such a broad agreement conflicted with the existing SAG-AFTRA Television Agreement, then followed up by posting the form to the SAG-AFTRA website.

After the agreement terms were made public, HBO issued a statement that read, in part, “[This form] was not requested, written or approved by HBO, Warner Bros. Television, or the producers, and contains situations that we do not require of any actor. We are rectifying immediately the discrepancies in this vendor’s document with our actual on-set practices, which provide a professional and comfortable working environment for all performers.”

So what does this really mean? We can assume that there will be nudity (it’s an HBO series, after all), so the the consent form was at least partially accurate. But what of the other stuff—no nude horsey rides? No nude “table-like shape” contortions? We’ll just have to wait for the series premiere, which won’t happen until sometime in 2016.

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