Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Attn. Collectors!: Taarna And Nelson Action Figures From ‘Heavy Metal’ (1981)

Taarna the Taarakian and Nelson the B-17 Tailgunner action figures, designed by FigBiz based on characters from the 1981 movie Heavy Metal, are available now at Incendium — they’ve got the full-color regular figures plus limited quantities of some convention exclusives, while they last. You’ll find them all in the Heavy Metal action figure category […]

These Star Wars Rings Are the Bling You’re Looking For

For the Star Wars fan of financial means, all the plastic products and tie-ins just look so… plastic. Mass-produced. Juvenile. How do you tell the world you love the Star Wars movies and you’re pretty damn rich too? A 2.6 million yen Stormtrooper ring made of silver, diamonds and black diamonds will do the trick. […]

Pop Tart Han Solo Should Be Well Protected. If He Survived the Frosting Process, That Is

The bummer about these hilarious Han Solo Pop Tarts is that a) they aren’t real, and b) they’re no longer available. The carbonite-enfrosted scoundrel you see in these pictures is not made of, well, whatever Pop Tarts are made of — he’s made of resin and belongs in your toy display, not in your stomach. […]

3-Story Floating Homes in Dubai Offer the Life Aquatic for under $2 Million [7 Pictures]

Waterfront homes are getting more waterfronty in Dubai, where a prefab three-story floating house called the Floating Seahorse is in the pre-sale phase, and units are going fast. Kleindienst Group is offering an initial batch of 42 of them at $1.8 million apiece; the Huffington Post reported that 35 were already spoken for, and that […]