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Pop Tart Han Solo Should Be Well Protected. If He Survived the Frosting Process, That Is

The bummer about these hilarious Han Solo Pop Tarts is that a) they aren’t real, and b) they’re no longer available. The carbonite-enfrosted scoundrel you see in these pictures is not made of, well, whatever Pop Tarts are made of — he’s made of resin and belongs in your toy display, not in your stomach. […]

Kirby Cosplay! Marie-Claude Bourbonnais Brings Susan Storm to Life

Just ’cause we haven’t done it in awhile — let’s have some cosplay! And while we’re at it, we’ll give a nod to Jack “King” Kirby. There’s a huge event tonight more or less in his honor at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles — see this post for details: Tonight! Kirby Mania With Nerdist at […]

Actual Jeopardy Contestant Pulls a Turd Ferguson on Alex Trebek

On a recent episode of Jeopardy, a woman pulled out a 16-year-old punchline from Saturday Night Live and host Alex Trebek actually read it. The joke, delivered in the Final Jeopardy stage, cost her all her money, although she had no hope of winning the game anyway, being a distant third place. How “Turd Ferguson” […]

Tonight! Kirby Mania With Nerdist at Meltdown in L.A.

Big event going down tonight in Los Angeles, in case you haven’t heard — Meltdown Comics (7522 Sunset Blvd.) is hosting a Jack Kirby blacklight art-stravaganza! Here’s the scoop: • Blacklight prints of Barry Geller & Jack Kirby’s Lord of Light will be on display. These prints have been colored by Mark Englert and appear […]