Heavy Metal Featured Artist xsullo Gets Under Your Skin

In Heavy Metal 294, the Industrial Special, we’ve dedicated several pages to artist xsullo (or Nick Sullo in person), whose images are both disturbing and enticing. There’s some intense stuff happening here — skin gets ripped off, bones pop out, bodies are peeled apart before our eyes. It’s good old Japanese-style body horror, but portrayed with a synthwave palette. He’s big on color. “When I was a kid I was absolutely fascinated by colors, hues, vibrance; you name it,” he told Heavy Metal editor Hannah Means-Shannon. “Sometimes I use the brights and saturations to juxtapose the aggression and even the violence in my work.”

Be sure to follow Nick on Instagram @xsullo and visit his official site,, to peruse the prints he’s selling. There’s a lot more to the interview in Heavy Metal 294, and the selection of images you’ll see in print is completely different than the ones we’ve posting here.

xsullo, 'Whammy'

xsullo, ‘Whammy’

xsullo, 'Vertigo'

xsullo, ‘Vertigo’

xsullo, 'Muted'

xsullo, ‘Muted’

xsullo, 'Extract'

xsullo, ‘Extract’

xsullo, 'Unwind'

xsullo, ‘Unwind’

xsullo, 'Unhidden'

xsullo, ‘Unhidden’

xsullo, 'Obsidian'

xsullo, ‘Obsidian’

xsullo, 'Lolita'

xsullo, ‘Lolita’

xsullo, 'Host'

xsullo, ‘Host’

xsullo, 'Blossoms'

xsullo, ‘Blossoms’

xsullo, 'Evening Stroll, Mega City 9, circa 2077'

xsullo, ‘Evening Stroll, Mega City 9, circa 2077’

xsullo, 'Adjoin'

xsullo, ‘Adjoin’

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