Fear Factory’s “The Industrialist” Becomes a Graphic Novel

Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell has collaborated with artis Noel Guard on a graphic novel based on the group’s 2012 album The Industrialist. “As far as I can remember I have been a a fan of science fiction,” Bell says in a description of the project on his website. “Watching episodes of Twilight Zone […]

Ladybaby’s Death Metal/J-Pop Is Your Daily Dose of WTF

Ladybaby consists of a white guy and two Japanese girls. The Japanese girls (as is the rule) wear schoolgirl outfits; so does the white guy. He has a beard, and goes by the name Ladybeard. The girls sing happy Japanese lyrics over a galloping metal riff, while Ladybeard delivers lists of random items in croaky […]

Finally! All 3 “Decline of Western Civilization” Films Come to DVD

It’s hard to believe that Penelope Spheeris’ three documentaries about the grime and glamor of the hard-rocking lifestyle in L.A. have never been available on DVD. Hell, they were barely even available on VHS back in the day. But now, at last, the Decline of Western Civilization Collection is out on DVD and Blu-Ray — […]

Listen to Christopher Lee’s Metal Ode to Shedding Saxon Blood

In our brief tribute to the late Christopher Lee, we mentioned that he began a sideline as a heavy metal singer late in life. Rolling Stone fleshes it out a bit more: By the time of his collaboration with Manowar [on “Dark Avenger”] Lee was already a bona fide metal recording artist in his own […]