Ozzy: Black Sabbath Will Record Final Album, Play Final Tour in 2016

Black Sabbath

One last go-round for Black Sabbath (l. to r.: Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, and Geezer Butler). Image source:

Speaking at a Monsters of Rock press conference in Brazil, Ozzy Osbourne clarified the endgame for Black Sabbath: Yes there will be one last album, and yes there will be one last tour.

“The plan is that next year we’ll do the final Black Sabbath tour and album. I’m not stopping… my wife spends all my money so I can’t,” Ozzy said, according to MetalHammer.

The as-yet unwritten and unnamed release would be Sabbath’s 20th studio album, and their first since 13 (released in 2013), which was a critical success, with the Grammy-winning single “God Is Dead?”, and the group’s first #1 album, topping the Billboard Hot 200 album chart. 13 was produced by Rick Rubin, and in a previous announcement Ozzy said that the group would work with Rubin on its “final” album.

Here’s a video of the entertaining press conference:

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