Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

It Is Useless to Resist the Star Wars Theme (Metal Version) by Galactic Empire

We’d be pretty surprised if this were the first metal take on the Star Wars theme—but we’ll say without hesitation it’s the best. The sound is great, and you can’t beat the visuals: The full-regalia Darth Vader on lead guitar, with a Shadow Trooper and Imperial guard sharing axe duties, plus a Stormtrooper on bass […]

Watch “Blackstar,” David Bowie’s Haunting and Surreal 10-Minute Farewell

By now you have heard the news: David Bowie is dead. It is a day to put all your favorites on repeat—Hunky Dory, Low, Ziggy Stardust, even Let’s Dance if that’s your poison. But give this a watch as well: “Blackstar,” the title track of what turns out to be Bowie’s final album, released on […]

Yes, Guns N’ Roses Will Play Coachella, Probably

After weeks of speculation, rock group Guns N’ Roses has confirmed that it will be reuniting. The venue will be Coachella, with the band playing gigs on April 16th and 23rd. News reports state that lead singer Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, and bassist Duff McKagan have committed to the shows. Rose confirmed the report […]

The Weirdest ‘Star Wars’ Story Ever Told (A Heavy Metal Classic!)

Star Wars just keeps getting bigger — what was a trilogy became a trilogy of trilogies, with cartoons and prequels and standalones, and then some business with a baby Yoda. Really, This could go on forever. As long as that nostalgia persists, anyway — everyone, it seems, loves getting lost in what Star Wars meant […]