Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

The Greatest Video Game Box Art, by Roger Dean and Others [15 Images]

The Liverpool-based video games studio Psygnosis was founded in 1984 and existed as a brand through 2001. (The studio was renamed SCE Studios Liverpool, and continued to operate until it was shut down by Sony in 2012.) But bring up Psygnosis with gaming aficionados and they’ll start waxing nostalgic about the mid- and late-80s Psygnosis, […]

Here’s That Cidney (Final Fantasy) Cosplay You Wanted, by Luna Lanie

Two months ago, we told you about Cidney, a female mechanic in the next installment of Final Fantasy that some gamers have criticized as “too sexy.” Will Cidney’s sexiness be toned down? Are gamers getting less horny? Will Final Fantasy XV ever even come out (latest news: Maybe by the end of 2016. Maybe)? These […]

Simon Stalenhag Paints No Man’s Sky!

Two of our more popular posts here at HeavyMetal.com have concerned a forthcoming space-exploration video game called No Man’s Sky and a series of science-fiction themed paintings by a Swedish artist named Simon Stalenhag. No Man’s Sky has a bright, colorful aesthetic really unlike anything you see in outer-space video games, and Stalenhag’s paintings are […]

Caution: Game Controller Not Intended for Use by Children

The latest creation of industrial design studio KEM Studio is one of those why-didn’t-w-think-of-that things that will end up on the wish list of every gamer who makes sweet dough and lives in a swank pad. Really, that plastic XBox/PS controller is just so… juvenile. Straight outta Toys ‘R Us. KEM Studios’ S1 game controller, […]