Watch the Chilling Sci-Fi Short That Might Become the Next “District 9”

Uncanny Valley

Argentine director Federico Heller’s “Uncanny Valley” is a short film about virtual reality and video games that envisions a terrifying application of mostly-existing technology. It’s just 8 minutes long, but its scope and relevance is such that you find yourself thinking “This should be a feature film.”

We won’t go into detail about its plot—just check it out:

UNCANNY VALLEY (2015) from 3DAR on Vimeo.

Deadline reports that “Uncanny Valley” was shown privately around Los Angeles last week and “is being shopped around as a feature film with multimedia aspects, with Independence Day: Resurgence scribe Carter Blanchard developing the feature take to show to investors.” With the buzz-cat essentially out of the bag, the short film was posted online earlier this week.

If all goes well for “Uncanny Valley,” it will essentially follow the development path of “Alive in Joburg”—the short by Neill Blomkamp that became District 9.

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