25 ’70s Movie Posters Referenced in Snoop Dogg’s “So Many Pros” Video

snoop superfly

The poster for “Superfly” is one of dozens that Snoop Dogg pays tribute to in his new video.

Snoop Dogg released the video for “So Many Pros,” the second single off his album Bush, yesterday, and for fans of ’70s blaxploitation and grindhouse movies will recognize dozens of tributes to famous posters. We gave it a careful look and spotted as many as we could—25 posters, one magazine, and a credits sequence, and not all of them are from the ’70s—but we know we missed a few. Here’s the video, images of the originals follow:

At the 0:16 mark, The first poster tribute we picked out is actually a double, combining the pose from Hit Man (1972)…

hit man

“Hit Man”

…with a typographic touch—the letter “T” as a pistol—from That Man Bolt (1973).

that man bolt

“That Man Bolt”

0:25: 100.000 Stone Mike is a clear riff on Cool Breeze (1972):

cool breeze

“Cool Breeze”

0:40: Follow the Bush uses the same keyhole motif as Assignment: Female (1966):

Assignment Female

“Assignment: Female”

0:48: Samson is obviously based on Super Fly (1972):

super fly

“Super Fly”

0:57: The helicopter, bridge and typography of the Shake! The Night poster refer to Shaft’s Big Score (1972):

shafts big score

“Shaft’s Big Score”

1.01: The next poster, for Dynamite, is arguably a tribute to Dolemite because of the similar-sounding name, although it doesn’t look like the Dolemite poster. The pose, gun and marquees recall Truck Turner (1974):

truck turner

“Truck Turner”

1:05: Night City is based on Detroit 9000 (1973):

detroit 9000

“Detroit 9000”

1:09: Go Baby Go! shows touches of the poster for the Russ Meyer movie Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) (Cruel Sistas at 1:31 could also be a Faster, Pussycat! knockoff):

faster pussycat kill kill

“Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

1:35: Caged Bodies is based on the poster for women-in-prison flick The Big Doll House (1971):

big doll house

“The Big Doll House”

1:39: The ripped cover of the March 1975 issue of Player magazine is a direct reference to the March 1975 issue of Playboy:

playboy march 1975

Playboy magazine, March 1975

1:41: Gold Digger could be a combined reference to Goldfinger (1964) and The Man With the Golden Gun (1974), although the movie posters don’t look a lot alike. But there’s a James Bond theme running through the video:



2:02: Resuming the James Bond theme, OctoBabes is Octopussy (1983):



2:23: Manela steals its composition and typography from Melinda (1972):



2:29: Sip Hit! is a recreation of Hit! (1973):



2:34: Snoop’s pose and cross in Dogg Father recalls Sweet Jesus Preacher Man (1973):

sweet jesus preacher man

“Sweet Jesus Preacher Man”

2:39: Compare the girls-lounging-in-big-hands of the So Many Pros poster to The Rogue (1971):

the rogue

“The Rogue”

2:43: This So Many Pros poster copies the most famous adult-movie poster of all time, Emmanuelle (1974):



2:46: Compare Born Deadly with the biker flick Born Losers (1967):

born losers

“Born Losers”

2:52: This is interesting—From Nile With Love is obviously a reference to From Russia With Love (1964), but this poster isn’t based on any official From Russia With Love poster. It’s based on an unofficial poster created by Alain Bossuyt in the style of Saul Bass:

from russia with love a la saul bass

An unofficial poster created in the style of Saul Bass for the James Bond movie “From Russia With Love”

3:00: This segment invokes the famous spiral framing that introduces many James Bond films. Kill for a Pro might be verbally patterned on A View to a Kill, but the spiral shows up in the poster for The Living Daylights (1987):

the living daylights

“The Living Daylights”

3:16: Chicks in Chains invokes Black Mama, White Mama (1972)—girls who get their kicks choking guys with chains:

black mama white mama

“Black Mama White Mama”

3:21: She-Devils on Heels? Try She-Devils on Wheels (1968):

she-devils on wheels

“She-Devils on Wheels”

3:29: It takes guts to shoot a machine gun while kneeling n the hood of a moving police car. That interesting pose from the Blast (1972) poster shows up in Snoop’s Raging Street:



3:33: The Club is a dead ringer for Book of Numbers (1973):

book of numbers

“Book of Numbers”

3:45: Bad Girls is based on the poster for Caged Heat (1974):

caged heat

“Caged Heat”

3:57: Finally, the credits contain some design elements copied from Saul Bass’s visuals for The Man With the Golden Arm (1955):

man with golden arm credits

Credit sequence from “The Man With the Golden Arm”

In addition to all of the above, there are several moments (and a typeface) that could be considered tributes to the nouveau-grindhouse of Tarantino and Rodriguez—Death Proof, Planet Terror, and Machete.

If you’re interested in tracking down more classic posters, WrongSideoftheArt.com is a goldmine.

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