Spaceballs: The Schwartz Awakens Posters

These posters for the 1987 Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs aren’t commemorating anything in particular. The film’s anniversary passes each summer without much fanfare. There is really no reason that Spaceballs ought to be celebrated at this particular moment. It’s just the best Star Wars parody ever, and we’re always neck-deep in Star Wars-mania, it seems. […]

This Chilling Sci-Fi Short Might Have Been the Next ‘District 9’ (But Wasn’t)

Argentine director Federico Heller’s “Uncanny Valley” is a 2015 short film about virtual reality and video games that envisioned a terrifying application of mostly-existing technology. It’s just 8 minutes long, but its scope and relevance is such that you find yourself thinking “This should be a feature film.” We won’t go into detail about its […]

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Krampus

In 2015, horror fans got a new kind of bad guy to worry about, though he was actually quite old. It was Krampus — if you forgot or never saw the movie, here’s the trailer: Many Americans wondered “What’s a Krampus? Is that really a thing?” Yes, yes it is. We won’t quote the whole […]

Darth Vader: Regular Joe [10 Photos]

Movies aren’t real life. As much as something like Star Wars is fun to watch, it leaves a whole lot out. Take Darth Vader—he isn’t always trying to kill his son and strangling his subordinates. Not every second of every day. Some days are just regular days. Some days, all he does is pick up […]