Behind the SFX of Doctor Strange and Rogue One

Industrial Light & Magic has slapped up some eye-popping videos on its YouTube channel for the lead-up to the 2017 Oscars. The firm has three nominations in the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects category, for its work on Doctor Strange, Star Wars: Rogue One, and Deepwater Horizon. These brief clips show how the cutting-edge […]

Animated Film “The Planet of DOOM” Channels Spirit of “Heavy Metal” Movie

In the spirit of R-rated animated films of the 70s and 80s, Riff Lodge Animation (the studio behind the mind-blowing music video for Conan’s “Throne of Fire”) are setting out to produce an EPIC feature-length fantasy/science-fiction film called The Planet of DOOM, created entirely by artists and bands in the doom/stoner/psych/metal genres. The Planet of […]

It Is Useless to Resist the Star Wars Theme (Metal Version) by Galactic Empire

We’d be pretty surprised if this were the first metal take on the Star Wars theme—but we’ll say without hesitation it’s the best. The sound is great, and you can’t beat the visuals: The full-regalia Darth Vader on lead guitar, with a Shadow Trooper and Imperial guard sharing axe duties, plus a Stormtrooper on bass […]

23 Movie Ads From Old Heavy Metals—How Many Have You Seen?

How many of these have you seen—how closely does your taste track with the (presumed) taste of Heavy Metal's readership from 1977-1988?