Bloom County Goes Star Wars With “Dork Wars”

Bloom County Star Wars Parody

With the countdown to Star Wars: The Force Awakens nearing its conclusion (the most anticipated movie of all time opens Friday, December 18), cartoonist Berkeley Breathed gets in on the madness. He’s released these two Star Wars-themed images, one a Bloom County-fied movie poster and another a variant cover for a Star Wars comic book. Will there be more? We don’t know, but you will if you follow Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County 2015 on Facebook.

Bloom County Star Wars poster

Breathed’s “Dork Wars: Adulthood Takes a Nap” poster

Bloom County Star Wars variant cover

Breathed’s “Pooper Scooper Trooper” Star Wars variant cover

On Facebook, Breathed explained the comic book cover:

Greetings, arrested adolescent JediBloomers. As long as we’re being happily sucked into this week’s pop culture black hole… here ya go: Recently, the publisher of the Star Wars comic books requested a special “funny” promotional cover in honor of the coming movie. I cooly explained that LucasFilm would never, ever find anything I concocted funny. The comics guys found this idea absurd, nay, impossible — a sweet gentle thought. Below is the instantly-rejected cover art, lovingly referred to in legend as the “Pooper Scooper Trooper” edition… the fastest rejection in licensed comic book history. Ironic frosting: A producer for 1991’s Opus CBS TV Christmas special “A Wish For Wings That Work” was a smart, charming young executive named Kathleen Kennedy. She now runs Lucasfilm Ltd. Opus forgives you, old friend. Just bring us a good story, please. –bb

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