Watch the Trailer for the National Lampoon Documentary

National Lampoon was a great humor magazine in its day. It was also the parent publication of Heavy Metal in our early years. Heavy Metal and National Lampoon parted ways, and the magazine ceased publishing in 1998 — if only they’d had a savior like Kevin Eastman, who rescued Heavy Metal from cancellation. But the […]

Huge Chart Traces the Influence of Star Wars on Movies and TV

Here’s an interesting infographic that tries to chart the influence of the Star Wars phenomenon on other films. Take a look: via the Shutterstock Blog There are plenty of valid connections here, but also points that can be debated. Some of the films cited are based on source material that predates Star Wars, and you […]

New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Spot Airs on Korean TV

A new advertisement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has surfaced — this one a 30-second spot aired on Korean TV: This clip consists mostly of stuff we’ve seen already, with a few new bits. Variety sums up the latter: One of the most chilling images comes right at the start, with the First Order’s […]

Philip Gelatt’s Classic Heavy Metal-Style Animated Film in the Works!

Philip Gelatt, the screenwriter on EUROPA REPORT and comic scribe for Oni Press’ Petrograd and Dark Horse’s Pariah, is currently producing a feature length, rotoscope animated, hardcore fantasy film called THE SPINE OF NIGHT. This film is very much inspired by the 1982 Heavy Metal flick and magazine itself. Philip states that Druillet was discussed […]