New York Comic Con 2015 Photos From Driven By Boredom

Here we’ve got a few scenes from New York Comic Con 2015 by New York-based photographer Nate “Igor” Smith. Igor documents Bronies, Juggalos, crawling zombies, crazy parties you wish you were at, other crazy parties you’re glad you skipped, and many, many encounters with sexy alternative babes. Visit Driven By Boredom to see all of […]

This “Jurassic World” Trailer From 1978 Is No Less Impressive

Discovered! A trailer for a 1978 version of Jurassic World, starring Michael Caine, Raquel Welch, and Richard Pryor: Nah, it’s just a clip that a very creative person made out of a jillion other movies. Here’s the list, from the YouTube page: The Making Of Jurassic Park Omega Man The Great Dinosaur Hunt – Infinite […]

Breaking Barriers: Kay Thomas Is a Red Sonja of a Different Color

We noticed cosplayer Kay Thomas getting shared around on Twitter (@kayyybear_), Facebook (facebook.com/kaythomascosplay) and Instagram (@kayyybear) recently, and noticed as well that she was stirring up controversy. Well, not exactly “stirring”—it’s not like Kay is provoking anyone. She is just being herself—you see, Kay is black, and she has been dressing as Red Sonja and […]

Kirby Cosplay! Marie-Claude Bourbonnais Brings Susan Storm to Life

Just ’cause we haven’t done it in awhile — let’s have some cosplay! And while we’re at it, we’ll give a nod to Jack “King” Kirby. There’s a huge event tonight more or less in his honor at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles — see this post for details: Tonight! Kirby Mania With Nerdist at […]