Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

New on HeavyMetal.com: “Where Is Zog?”, a Weekly Web Comic!

Introducing a new weekly web comic: “Where Is Zog?” by Jeff Martin! This sci-fi misadventure follows Grum and Zill, strangers on a strange planet, on their quest to find… wait for it… Zog. See more of Jeff’s Zoggery at where-is-zog.tumblr.com, and stop by Rent-A-Thug Comics to peruse his “Heat: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling”. […]

Massive Frank Frazetta Art Auction Cometh! [10 Images]

On December 11, a treasure trove of Frank Frazetta art from Dr. Dave Winiewicz’s collection will be auctioned by Profiles in History. All told, there are 129 lots, with the great majority being original Frazetta drawings and paintings. “I have carefully chosen these art examples as the very best of their genre, the fruits of […]

Here’s What’s Inside Heavy Metal #277, our Horror Special!

As the forces of evil, mischief and sexy furry animals were massing for Halloween, Heavy Metal #277 began arriving in mailboxes and on magazine racks. The “Horror Special” is guest edited by Frank Forte and packed with tales to chill and bewitch. Featuring cover art by Luis Royo and Skinner, Heavy Metal #277 is a […]

iTunes Terms and Conditions, the Graphic Novel

Here’s a quirky project we found out about thanks to The Daily Dot—artist Robert Sikoryak has turned Apple’s book-length iTunes terms and conditions into a graphic novel. Two questions that immediately came to mind: How does one do such a thing in a remotely interesting way? Well, Sikoryak’s 94-page work is actually a tribute to […]