20 Speculative “Star Wars: Rogue One” Posters

Star Wars Rogue One poster

While Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hysteria still hasn’t died down, it’s fair to say that the conversation about the next Star Wars movie is heating up. Not Episode VIII—that won’t be out until 2017. But in December 2016, we’ll get Rogue One. Starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, and Forest Whitaker, and directed by Gareth Edwards, Rogue One tells the story of the Rebel spies who steal the plans for the Death Star. It is set before the events of the 1977 franchise-starter Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. In August, Disney released a photo of the Rogue One cast.

We don’t have an official poster yet, but that doesn’t mean crafty people aren’t giving it a shot. Here are a bunch of homemade Rogue One posters from professional and amateur artists.

Designer Ryan Crain, photographer Mark Edwards and cosplay model Scruffy Rebel collaborated on what Crain is saying will be a series of three posters. So far, they’ve only released the first two:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Orlando Arocena’s posters, found at Poster Posse.

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Orlando Arocena: “I was inspired by Kathleen Kennedy’s description of what she intends the story line to be – more of a group of early rebels struggling through a tactical ground war in order to successfully steal the blueprints of the Death Star.”

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Orlando Arocena: “Like the rest of us STAR WARS aficionados , I’m REALLY interested in how this pre-New Hope anthology will play out. The cast is super tight. And especially with Greig Frazer and Neil Corbould adding their Zero Dark Thirty, Black Hawk Down , Saving Private Ryan ingredients to this much anticipated Rogue jambalaya! I JUST CAN’T WAIT to sit back and be first in line to have a super sized bowl of it!”

A poster by Ben of FakeAssPosters:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

“I read that the new Rogue One spin-off will be less like Star Wars and more like classic, morally ambiguous war films so I designed this poster as an homage to Apocalypse Now…”

Posters by DeviantArt user heggcnote:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

“With the announcement of a new “Star Wars” spin-off, I wanted to make a fan poster. I wanted to make it simple and incorporate obvious aspects, ie a fighter versus a huge enemy starship.”

Star Wars Rogue One poster

“Another fan poster I put together in anticipation of the new “Rogue One” film. Again, I wanted to capture the singularity amongst the vastness.”

Star Wars Rogue One poster

“The last poster in the series. This time, I wanted to have one singular fighter being hunted down. I wanted drama and action, plus I figured maybe they’re on Hoth or some other snow planet?”

Posters by DeviantArt user Jarvisrama99:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

“Poster based on upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie.”

Star Wars Rogue One poster

“Poster based on the upcoming spinoff Star Wars movie. Images based on the Comic Con footage and reports about various Peter Cushing movies being used as a way to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin for the movie.”

Poster-ready art (though without any text) by Ben Oliver:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by DeviantArt user igorastakhov:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by PosterSpy user legionofpotatoes:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by PosterSpy user noble-6:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by DeviantArt user truillusionstudios:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by DeviantArt user mygrimmbrother:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by DeviantArt user dan-zhabanov:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by DeviantArt user bigCHOMPER:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster by DeviantArt user redberry5291:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

Poster from twitter.com/RogueOne2016, artist unknown:

Star Wars Rogue One poster

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