Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

The Luis Royo Painting That Became the Best and Worst Computer Game Art of ’87

The Luis Royo painting adorning the May 1984 cover of Heavy Metal, depicting a couple of glamorous sci-fi warriors, is a fan favorite. It’s the second cover Royo did for us, the second of many. In 1987, the image cropped up again, this time as box art for a computer game called Game Over published […]

Read Vaughn Bode’s Adult Comics for Cavalier Magazine [10 Strips]

From 1969 to his death in 1975, Vaughn Bode published comic strips in Cavalier, a Playboy-like men's magazine.

Richard M. Powers, Sci-Fi’s Surrealist

Certain old science fiction paperback covers have an eerie, surrealistic look — that’s Richard M. Powers for you. Powers began painting science-fiction art in a traditional realist style, but soon began introducing modern-art elements of abstraction and cubism. He developed a style that could include representative elements and abstract shapes as well, often side-by-side. The […]

Godzilla Poster Art by Noriyoshi Ohrai

In 1984, with Godzilla Returns, production company Toho rebooted the Godzilla franchise, which was at that point 30 years old. But the movies made since the original Godzilla (1954) were dated, campy and not what the public wanted. Godzilla Returns was made as a direct sequel to Godzilla, and presented a version of the classic […]

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