Artist Davi Go Shades the Old Fashioned Way, With a Pencil

Davi Go is some kind of ninja with a Prismacolor pencil, and you just have to thank the internet and social media for giving him a platform. We would never have known about Davi Go, nor would we be able to bring you this art, if not for his @constant.risk.of.fire instagram account, which features new […]

Moebius Concept Art for Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’ Characters

The film version of Dune directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky may be the most famous movie that was never made. Jodorowsky signed on to film Frank Herbert’s award-winning novel in 1974, and assembled a bizarre, celebrity-studded team with the goal of crafting a 10-hour adaptation. Salvador Dalí, Orson Welles, Gloria Swanson, David Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin, Alain […]

The Raid 3, Laurie Greasley’s Big Violent Robot Party

Just released — there’s a third installment in the Hero Complex Gallery’s “The Raid” print series. The madness began in 2016 with “The Raid,” by Josan Gonzalez and Laurie Greasley, a crazily complex scene of sci-fi worlds colliding. You had Robocop, Barbarella, Judge Dredd, Ripley and Deckard rubbing elbows (or at least shooting at each […]

Samuel Araya’s ‘King in Yellow’ and Other Occult Scenes [12 Images]

Artist Samuel Araya, toiling away in what he calls “the poison heart of South America,” paints fascinating, ominous scenes and characters. The mists swirl, the landscapes are moody and unfamiliar, creatures of ancient magic and obvious menace stare at you and through you. Araya is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and the occult, and in recent […]