Hajime Sorayama’s Robo-Saurs Run Wild in Shibuya

Hajime Sorayama continues to push in new directions with a new show at the Nanazuka and Nanazuka 2G galleries in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. While there may be little chance that you’re in the neighborhood, given the world pandemic currently happening, we don’t even know whether this exhibition (March 14-April 12) is open or […]

Heavy Metal Magazine in the ’70s: The Back Covers

Back covers are underrated. You may know Heavy Metal magazine’s early covers — a lot of them, anyway. They’re indelible images by some of the greatest illustrators of the last 50 years, from the battlin’ fembots by Jean-Pierre Dionnet on issue #1 (April 1977) to the numerous covers by Moebius, Achilleos, Vallejo, Royo, Olivia, and […]

Richard Corben Before Heavy Metal: The Early Years

Richard Corben had the first story in the first issue of Heavy Metal — the legendary “Den,” which was serialized, sequelized, and became a part of the Heavy Metal movie. Corben continues to contribute today, with the ongoing Murky World, which we began serializing in issue 288. We’ve relied on Corben for some of the […]

Tank Girl and Others Go Pop in Jim Mahfood’s Pop-Up Book

There’s only one Jim Mahfood — his frenetic, cacophonous and eclectic style leaps off the page. He’s pushing his aesthetic even further, into a third dimension, with his latest project. A pop-up book. Mahfood is a Heavy Metal contributor — we ran his “Carl the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches in… Space is the […]