Spaceballs: The Schwartz Awakens Posters

These posters for the 1987 Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs aren’t commemorating anything in particular. The film’s anniversary passes each summer without much fanfare. There is really no reason that Spaceballs ought to be celebrated at this particular moment. It’s just the best Star Wars parody ever, and we’re always neck-deep in Star Wars-mania, it seems. […]

Heavy Metal Approved! Dig beinArt Collective’s Art and Support if You Can!

Bodies melting and fusing together, limbs where they don’t belong, creepy faces, skulls and skeletons, centipedes made from babydolls—these are just a few of the sights you’ll see at the beinArt Collective Gallery, an online compendium of figurative surrealist art headed by Jon Beinart. The beinArt Collective Gallery has spawned a publishing arm and has […]

Pinball Wizardry and Blacklight Metallica Magic in Posters by Dirty Donny [10 Images]

On September 17, 2015, Heavy Metal presented the blacklight prints of Barry Geller and Jack Kirby’s Lord of Light at Meltdown Comics on Los Angeles. Those weren’t the only glowing masterpieces on display that night—a selection of images by other three artists made the scene as well. “Dirty” Donny Gillies was one of the three, […]

10 Luis Royo Paintings Used as Heavy Metal Cover Art

Luis Royo is the most prolific cover artist in Heavy Metal‘s history. His first appearance in the pages of Heavy Metal happened in the November 1981 issue, and his first cover was the October 1983 issue: Here are 10 Luis Royo paintings that have been used as Heavy Metal covers—in their original state, lacking (alas) […]