#273 cover by Marco Turini

Cover by Marco Turini



Heavy Metal heats up the winter with another batch of bodacious yarns sure to pierce your ice-hardened hearts! Introducing the Molen Brothers, who’ve come to harrow our hallowed pages with the first chapter of their psychedelic sci-fi spectacular! Featuring chapter two of Enki BILAL’s awesome “Julia & Romeo”, captivating science fiction from the amazing Marco Turini, mythical mayhem by jaunty Joe Kelly, high seas adventure crafted by dangerous Daniël Hugo, and much, much more! Cover by Marco Turini.

"Julia & Roem" by BILAL

“Julia & Roem” by BILAL

"The 49th Key" by Erika Lewis & J.K. Woodward

“The 49th Key” by Erika Lewis & J.K. Woodward

Gallery by Abrar Ajmal

Gallery by Abrar Ajmal

"Women's War" by Fabio Celoni, Adriana Coppe & Marco Turini

“Women’s War” by Fabio Celoni, Adriana Coppe & Marco Turini

"Ymir" by Joseph Kelly

“Ymir” by Joseph Kelly

"The Aftermath" by the Molen Brothers

“The Aftermath” by the Molen Brothers

"Exile" by Mislav Tomasinjak

“Exile” by Mislav Tomasinjak

"The Lost Girl" Preview by Michael Mongillo & Rob Ten Pas

“The Lost Girl” Preview by Michael Mongillo & Rob Ten Pas

"The Souvenir" by Daniel Hugo & Jayson Geland

“The Souvenir” by Daniel Hugo & Jayson Geland

"Temptation" by Made In Ona & Christian Krank

“Temptation” by Made in DNA & Christian Krank

Artist's Studio: Myka Jelina

Artist’s Studio: Myka Jelina

"MI9" by JD & JMB

“MI9” by JD & JMB

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