Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Flavio Greco Paglia: More Gorgeous Gore From Heavy Metal Cover Artist [12 Pictures]

Here’s one more look at Heavy Metal 293 (the Beyond The Darkness Special) — gruesome and glorious images from Flavio Greco Paglia, who is featured in a gallery inside the mag and whose art was also chosen as Cover A. Argentina-based Paglia works as a concept artist and animator, but when he’s not doing that […]

Sergio Toppi’s ‘Universal Tarot:’ A Lost (Or Rare) Masterwork

The late Sergio Toppi might be the greatest Italian illustrator you’ve never heard of. His depictions of knights, samurai and Native Americans never quite made it into the U.S. market — in contrast to his countrymen like Milo Manara, Paulo Eleuteri Serpieri, Tanino Liberatore, and Massimiliano Frezzato. It’s no coincidence that those artists have been […]

Denis Zhbankov’s Vision Is Like A Window On The Upside-Down

In Russian artist Denis Zhbankov’s images, spindly oversized insects and unfriendly mutants emerge from the shadows to confront us, and space-faring zombies meet their grisly ends. His supernatural figures are often caught in moments of stillness, as if slightly surprised they’re being observed. What happens next might not be pretty. They’re rendered in a soft […]

Heavy Metal Featured Artist John Kenn Mortensen: Dark And Darker

Issue 293 of Heavy Metal — still available the Heavy Metal online store — was our “Beyond the Darkness Special.” We love darkness, don’t you? But it gets weird when you go beyond the darkness. You might find yourself in a strange land where dark is happy and happy is dark, witnessing scenes like these, […]