Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

Peach Momoko’s Seductive, Deadly Samurai and Sukeban [14 Pictures]

Hot comics cover artist and HM contributor Peach Momoko tells us about her illustrations of samurai, sukeban and hannya.

The ‘Gateway’ of Sean Andrew Murray, Heavy Metal Cover Artist [12 Pictures]

Journey into cover artist Sean Andrew Murray's fantasy world of 'The Gateway.'

Geof Darrow’s ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Card Art

Here's one for the Did you know? file: Did you know that Geof Darrow did art for Magic the Gathering?

Frank Brunner’s Sexy ‘Alice In Wonderland’ from 1977

Frank Brunner’s legacy in comics is mainly that of a ’70s Marvel guy, illustrating Steve Englehart’s Dr. Strange and Steve Gerber’s Howard the Duck. Brunner seemed reluctant to go the superhero route (which is one reason we like him), preferring fantasy and horror to underoo’d crime-fighters. He’d been a contributor to Warren Publishing horror titles […]