Art Against Virus: COVID-19 Posters by Mexifunk

COVID-19 is raging across the U.S. and the globe, but it’s not a war without posters. Well, now we have the posters — Orlando Arocena, known as @mexifunk on Instagram and elsewhere, is designing posters to rally the people to fight the unseen enemy.

COVID-19 poster by Orlando ‘Mexifunk’ Arocena

Arocena has created posters for conventions and fine art prints sold through Sideshow Collectibles and the Poster Posse, and in 2017 he designed DVD packaging for classic horror films by Fox Home Entertainment and MGM. His frenetic vector designs often mash up his pop culture obsessions (which include horror movies and Star Wars) with Day of the Dead and other Mexican imagery.

COVID-19 poster by Orlando ‘Mexifunk’ Arocena
COVID-19 poster by Orlando ‘Mexifunk’ Arocena
‘Double Hold-Up’ poster by Orlando ‘Mexifunk’ Arocena
COVID-19 poster by Orlando ‘Mexifunk’ Arocena
COVID-19 poster by Orlando ‘Mexifunk’ Arocena
COVID-19 poster by Orlando ‘Mexifunk’ Arocena
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