Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

The Beyond Kuiper Trailer Is Here!

SyFy Wire broke the news today about the 10-novel series we’ll be publishing, starting with Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance. Here’s a taste of SyFy Wire’s post: Co-written by Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney and aerospace engineer John Connelly, with illustrations from Utku Ozden, the first book looks to set up an ambitious universe […]

Panel: Putting the Science in Science Fiction

CEO of Heavy Metal Matthew Medney is joined by Biologist: Kurt Broz Aerospace Engineer John Connelly and Science Educator Ben Dickow as they explore the reality of science in science fiction.

The Wonderwerk Podcast, Coming In August

Welcome to WonderWerk, a twisted anthology podcast for people who like their stories dripping in orc blood, basted in starship fuel and lathered in some kind of, uh, disgusting black goo. Brought to you in immersive graphic audio. I’m your host… but instead of worrying about who I am… worry about when I am. A […]

Watch the Trailer for ‘Dark Wing,’ a New Story Coming in Heavy Metal 300!

Dark Wing, a serialized story starting in Heavy Metal 300, will introduce us to a new galaxy. Here’s what it looks like: Dark Wing is written by Matt Medney, and will run from issue 300 through issue 309. It’ll also be collected as its own series, with bonus content and lore, in out Heavy Metal […]

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