‘Chrome Angel Murders,’ New From Simeon Aston, Heavy Metal Cover Artist

Simeon Aston’s detailed cyberpunk visions have appeared on the cover of Heavy Metal (issue 294, the Industrial Special) and in the pages of Megadeth: Death by Design, as well as his own Metal Made Flesh graphic novels. Now he’s teamed up with writer/filmmaker Jason Turner to produce The Chrome Angel Murders: Blood Quantum, a graphic […]

Shades of Taarna: The Strokes’ ‘At the Door’ Is a Familiar Cosmic Saga

The Strokes have posted a video for their latest single, “At the Door,” and we’re tempted to call it an homage to the 1981 Heavy Metal movie. There’s no Taarna per se, but there is a female protagonist who wields a giant sword and slices up some scummy bad guys. There are spaceships galore and […]

Joao Antunes Jr. Sketches a Bright and Deadly Cyberpunk Future

Brazilian artist and animator Joao Antunes Jr., or “Antunesketch,” brings us cyborgs and androids in brilliant colors. His menacing characters inhabit a world where humans are half-machine, and the machines seem almost human — it’s a fusion of sci-fi, cyberpunk and horror that’s right up our alley. To see more of this seductive vision, visit […]

Jan Buragay Draws Grubby Sci-Fi Characters, In Search of a Story

When we first saw Jan Buragay’s art, we couldn’t help it — we thought Ok, this is what it would look like if Moebius and Philippe Druillet had a baby. That is, of course, high praise in our book, but let’s be clear that there is more going on here than Moebius and Druillet. There […]