14-Page Preview of Heavy Metal 284, the Mythic Special!

Hold on to your mistletoe, Heavy Metal fans — issue 284, our “Mythic Special,” is headed your way! And when we talk about myths, there’s really no better embodiment of the concept than our own iconic heroine Taarna. Yes, the star of the full length animated Heavy Metal movie (released 35 years ago!) is back. […]

President Donald Trump — as Foretold in a 1990 Heavy Metal Story!

When Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, many citizens were stunned. They had no idea that the country was so divided; they didn’t foresee the populist uprising that so noisily ended the Obama era — and anyway, Hillary had been leading in the polls. At the time, some pop-culture watchers noted that The Simpsons […]

Heavy Metal 283, the Fear Issue: See All 3 Covers and a 13-Page Preview!

It’s issue 283 of Heavy Metal Magazine, the Fear Issue. You can find a copy at your local comics shop, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, or the Heavy Metal shop. But what’s inside? As a shattered visage once said: Look on these works, ye mighty, and despair! We’ve got three collectible covers for you—horror-riffic and spook-tastic […]

Preview: Rock Odyssey “Skip to the End,” In Stores Now!

On Wednesday, Heavy Metal’s latest standalone title, Skip to the End, arrived in stores. (Use our Comic Shop Locator to find one near you.) It’s a story about time travel and rock ‘n roll, centered on a band that bears some resemblance to ’90s rock gods Nirvana. We’ve got a few preview pages for you […]