Mastodon Respond to Twerk Controversy with T-Shirt

Metal Insider is your source for breaking metal music news, reviews, analysis and gossip. Mastodon’s video for “The Motherload” that debuted earlier this week did everything it was supposed to do. It was, first of all, an interesting video for the song that was shot amazingly well. It was also provocative – maybe too provocative, […]

Heavy Metal Launches Comics Line with “Hoax Hunters” Season 2

 Although comics have long been a part of “Heavy Metal” magazine’s DNA, the company never published standalone comic books. However, that changes this winter when one-time Image Comics title “Hoax Hunters” becomes the first series released by the reorganized publishing company. “Heavy Metal is a perfect home for us,” “Hoax Hunters” co-writer Steve Seeley told […]

Short Story: “The Scythe” by Matthew Farrell

There was something peculiar about the way the man in the mask was looking at her. The fact that he was wearing a mask was okay. It was Halloween, and everyone in town had put on a costume for the big parade in the early evening and trick-or-treating later on. Some of the adults who […]

Heavy Metal Cover Artist Phil Cohen’s Cyberpunk Fantasies [18 Image Gallery]

Enjoy the dazzling work of this Heavy Metal cover artist and three-time contributor.