Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!
Get Legion of Super-Heroes, the Complete Series!

How ‘Blade Runner’ Inspired ‘Robocop’

When a young screenwriter wandered onto the set of a Ridley Scott sci-fi noir thriller, it gave him his own idea that would see the screen six years later.

Richard Corben Before Heavy Metal: The Early Years

Richard Corben had the first story in the first issue of Heavy Metal -- the legendary "Den" -- but he'd been publishing his bizarre, fascinating stories for nearly a decade before we showed up.

Heavy Metal 299 Available for Pre-Order!

Heavy Metal 299, the Mythic Worlds special, is available for order in the Heavy Metal online shop! We've assembled yet another impressive lineup of talent to bring you the best in science-fiction and fantasy.

Joe Badon Depicts Taarna From The Heavy Metal Movie!

Illustrator and animator Joe Badon is the latest intrepid artist to try his hand at rendering Taarna the Taarakian and her trusty pteranodon-like steed. The character dates from the 1981 Heavy Metal movie (and was inspired by Moebius’ pteranodon-riding protagonist) and over the years has become a mascot for Heavy Metal, finally getting her own […]