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Maria Llovet’s Sexy ‘Bruja’ Aren’t Warty-Nosed Hags

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Barcelona-born illustrator Maria Llovet is one of the hottest creators working in comics now, thanks to the success of Faithless (written by Brian Azzarello) and Heartbeat. Both titles are in the horror genre, featuring plenty of blood, and flesh — as Llovet’s website bio says, “Sex and death are the big two central themes in her work.” Yup.

Unsurprisingly, Llovet has a bit of a witch fascination or fetish — which she’s indulging in a series of illustrations called Bruja (that’s Spanish for witch). You’ve got sigils, tarot cards, grimoires, potions, even big black pointy hats and broomsticks. So it’s your standard witch stuff — but not. For these are not the warty-nosed hags that populate the usual fairy tales. Maria Llovet, whose background in fashion illustration is obvious, doesn’t draw that kind of witch

“The general idea for this series is to mix the traditional idea and elements of witches (hat, potions, etc) with normal and modern girls, with casual clothes and relaxed situations,” she tells us.

When Llovet began posting her Bruja series on Instagram in 2018, she said that the plan was to turn these into a book — and that could still be the goal, although for the time being she’s selling them as prints in her society6.com/mariallovet shop.

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