Design the Cover of Heavy Metal Magazine!


Yes, you read that headline right: Heavy Metal magazine is holding a contest for artists to design the magazine’s cover! We’re doing it in cooperation with Threadless, a site that brings art from indie creators to the masses. Here’s the scoop on the contest from the official page at Threadless:

Here’s your chance to add your name to the impressive list of artists who’ve graced the cover of Heavy Metal magazine.

Since 1977, Heavy Metal magazine has been home to the weirdest, wildest, wonderfulest, WTFest illustrations you’ve ever seen. And Threadless is home to some of the most weirdly wonderful artists in the world.

Travel to the darkest, most fantastical corners of your imagination. Create a design that will fit perfectly into the legendary history of Heavy Metal while making us exclaim, “How did they think of that?”

Here are just a few of the submissions that caught our eye—hustle on over to threadless.com/heavy-metal to judge them for yourself, or submit your own!










8 thoughts on “Design the Cover of Heavy Metal Magazine!

  1. Hi can anybody tell me why the criteria for submissions on the threadless site is 1200 x 1200 pixels? The format of the mag is taller than that and my submission was rejected in both formats (the HM mag format is around 1600 pixels high)

  2. Hi,
    Make sure that the female image continues dominating the covers of this great magazine.
    The female body is a work of art of God, nothing else will even come close.

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