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Moebius Trading Cards From 1993: Arzach, Aedena, And Beyond

In 1993, Moebius (aka Jean Giraud, a Metal Hurlant co-founder and Heavy Metal contributor from the get-go) got the trading-card treatment. Yes, like Topps baseball cards or Star Trek cards or Pokemon cards, there existed a set of 90 cards featuring artwork by Moebius with information about the subject matter on the back. The cards […]

10 Topps Wax Packs That Didn’t Exist, But Should Have

Illustrator Zack Wallenfang puts it simply: “I like making things I feel should exist.” These 10 wax pack wrappers to trading cards that never were come from a larger collection he’s posted to his website. Fantastic work, Zack. RELATED: Mark Hamill’s Hilarious Autographed Star Wars Cards