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DEIH: Cosmic Scenes From The Street To A Heavy Metal Cover

The images DEIH presents are fascinating on their own, and they seem to add up to a universe he's only starting to explore.

Tristan Eaton’s ‘Uprise:’ A Street Artist’s Fist to the Face of Powers That Be

In Eaton's 2017 series "Uprise," each painting is a time capsule or scrapbook of a moment and place where people spoke up against an entrenched power structure.

Dave Correia’s Colorful Nightmares: Heavy Metal 295 Cover Artist Spotlight

Skulls, horns, tentacles, moths, teeth, insects in vivid color -- plucked from your favorite horror movies and childhood nightmares. All this and the occasional baby Skeletor.

Heavy Metal Featured Artist xsullo Gets Under Your Skin

In Heavy Metal 294, the Industrial Special, we’ve dedicated several pages to artist xsullo (or Nick Sullo in person), whose images are both disturbing and enticing. There’s some intense stuff happening here — skin gets ripped off, bones pop out, bodies are peeled apart before our eyes. It’s good old Japanese-style body horror, but portrayed […]