‘We’re All Screwed’: 5 Cranky Thoughts on the Future From Warren Ellis


Dave Wachter art from Transmetropolitan Art Book by Warren Ellis

An illustration by Dave Wachter from the Transmetropolitan Art Book by Warren Ellis. Source:

Gizmodo asked its readers to supply questions for author/futurist/comics-guy Warren Ellis, and 145 Gizmod-ites answered the call. Ellis replied to 15 of them, and dropped some serious knowledge on what’s in store. He also shattered many a hope that the future will not suck. Here are his best zingers—be sure to read the whole thing at Gizmodo.

What’s the future of the music industry?
Even worse than it is today. Sorry.

How do we fix the environment?
How about we stand on our hind legs and just fucking LEARN how to do it?

What happens if someone sets off an EMP bomb over [your country here]?
I put barbed wire around my garden and start whittling spearpoints.

Are we prepared for the culture shock that will come about when virtual reality explodes over the next few years?
Are you prepared for the possibility that, for the second time, VR will just turn out to be some clunky shit that most people don’t want?

Where do you see humanity in 100 (or however many) years as a spacefaring species?
We’re all screwed and we’re going to die on this rock. We’re not going to be a spacefaring species. … There remains the possibility of us riding out the next few hundred years before we all choke and burn to death.

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Published on: March 23, 2015

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