FLASH GORDON CLASSIC Cartoon: Rob Pratt Captures Lightning in a Bottle!

Dale Arden

FlashVeteran animator Rob Pratt created this awesome cartoon tribute to the classic Flash Gordon adventures of yesteryear!

Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon and Carol Hughes as Dale Arden from the 1940 flick “Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe”

Rob Pratt Bio:
Robb Pratt is a Disney veteran, having started at Feature Animation in 1994 as a traditional animator. After animating on such modern Disney classics as “Pocahontas”, “Fantasia 2000”, “Hercules” and “Tarzan”, Robb eventually joined Disney TV Animation as a storyboard artist where he has boarded such shows as “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Kim Possible”, and directed the Disney Channel hit series “The Replacements”. An avid Superman fan, Robb produced and directed the short films, “Superman Classic” and “Bizarro Classic”. Currently, Robb works at DisneyToon Studios as a story artist.

Director/producer: Robb Pratt
Starring Eric Johnson, Joe Whyte, G.K. Bowes, John Newton, Jennifer Newton
Written by Robb Pratt, Emmet O’Brien
Storyboard: Robb Pratt
Layout/Background: Connie Jaio Wong, Robb Pratt, Javier Barriola
Animation: Robb Pratt, George Yang
F/X Animation: John Bermudes
Cel paint: Javier Barriola, Rachel Reed, Elliot M. Bour
CGI Modeling: Lee Gramling
Ash Animation: Scott Klass, Karen White
Music from the Flash Gordon serials: Clifford Vaughan
Music from The Black Cat” by Heinz Roemheld
Flash Gordon created by Alex Raymond

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