This Product Tie-In Takes “Attack on Titan” to a New Level of Scary

Attack on Titan body hair

The two-part Japanese movie Attack on Titan is set for release August 1 and September 19, so it’s little surprise that we’re seeing an advertising tie-in. It’s little surprise that the product isn’t really related to the movie. But what’s surprising is the product:

The “Attack on Beauty” campaign is aimed at fans of the scary manga who’d like to remove unwanted body hair. (According to Crunchyroll.)

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The way you go about this, metaphorically, is to attack the body hair with swords. In this metaphor you, the hairy one, are Titan-sized, and your brave exfoliator is going at your massive body parts with a comparatively small sword. It’s hard to keep thinking in metaphoric terms given the promotional images released by TBC (Total Body Control). Really, these are characters from the movie who are about to wreak havoc on stubble.

The advertisement for Men’s TBC isn’t too bad:

Attack on Titan body hair

The ladies’ TBC underarm ad gets a little weird:

Attack on Titan body hair

But things go haywire in the ladies’ intimate area advertisement. The giant lady is wearing steam panties and the guy going in to fix her hair issue is really on the, well, attack. The image is a metaphor for removing body hair. It’s literally a picture of a guy with two swords about to strike a giant woman in the crotch.

Attack on Titan body hair

Despite all the sword imagery, the TBC hair removal system is of the cream/ointment variety, and doesn’t involve razors. In a related story, this nutty guy built a replica of the swords from the movies, and nearly a million people have watched this video about it:

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