Should Frank Miller Make a Third Dark Knight? ‘Cause He’s Gonna…

Dark Knight Returns

Batman and Superman face off in the climactic battle of The Dark Knight Returns (1986). From DC’s new artwork (below) it looks like they’re headed for another tussle.

Strange news hits the comics world with the announcement from DC that Frank Miller, undoubtedly one of the greatest comics auteurs of all time, has committed to deliver a third volume of his Dark Knight Batman saga. It’s really the sort of development that seems like a joke, and will no doubt keep comics fans debating until this “Dark Knight 3” comes out.

Dark Knight 3 announcement

Artwork from DC announcing Dark Knight 3.

Here’s why:

The first go-round, a four-issue miniseries, was a masterpiece. It stands with Watchmen as one of the landmarks of its time (both came out in 1986), and it revived interest in the character of Batman, influencing Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film.

The second go-round, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, was essentially a disaster. It was panned for both its writing and its art. Everybody had liked Dark Knight Returns; nobody liked Dark Knight Strikes Again.

So… round 3? Really? But there’s a possible saving grace here—from the DC press release:

Miller will be joined by acclaimed writer Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, JOKER, and WONDER WOMAN) on the eight-issue comic book periodical, to be published twice a month under the DC Comics imprint. Marking the 30th anniversary of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS original series, this periodical is slated for publication beginning in late Fall 2015.

Is a third Dark Knight, with Azzarello on board, a good idea? We’ll find out in late fall 2015

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One Response to Should Frank Miller Make a Third Dark Knight? ‘Cause He’s Gonna…

  1. Bad idea. The Dark Night Strikes Again was a disaster. Even with Brian Azzarello, this can only end in hurt and stupid. Any one here remember Holy Terror?

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