Preview Gallery 2: Heavy Metal’s 40th Anniversary Art Show


T-minus two days until Heavy Metal’s 40th Anniversary Art Show! The opening reception is SATURDAY (July 15) at Copro Gallery at 8 PM in the Bergamot Arts Complex, 2525 Michigan Ave T5, in Santa Monica. A large crowd is expected, so we recommend arriving early.

You can see the full list of artists here: Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary Art Show Opens July 15!. This show will feature 100+ works by Heavy Metal-published (or Heavy Metal-approved) artists.

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Here’s another modest dose of awesomeness—the actual show will feature over 150 pieces:

Alex Horley, "Zombie Pinball Back Glass," Acrylic on board

Alex Horley, “Zombie Pinball Back Glass,” Acrylic on board

Craola, "Back Outside" (2017), 24" x 18" Acrylic on  Canvas Wrapped Panel

Craola, “Back Outside” (2017), 24″ x 18″ Acrylic on
Canvas Wrapped Panel

Dave Lebow, "Green Death"  (2017), 17" x 12" oil on canvas

Dave Lebow, “Green Death”
(2017), 17″ x 12″ oil on canvas

Dave MacDowell, "The Narcissist," 24" x 24 " acrylic on canvas

Dave MacDowell, “The Narcissist,” 24″ x 24 ” acrylic on canvas

Mark Bode, "Swing left Chaboocheck" (circa 1995),, 17" x 13" illustration board / multimedia

Mark Bode, “Swing left Chaboocheck” (circa 1995),, 17″ x 13″ illustration board / multimedia

Matthew Bone, "Apocalypse Now," 24" x 36" oil on panel

Matthew Bone, “Apocalypse Now,”
24″ x 36″ oil on panel

Peach Momoko, "For the Yatagarasu (Japanese Taarna on Bird)," 30" x 24" goache on paper

Peach Momoko, “For the Yatagarasu (Japanese Taarna on Bird),” 30″ x 24″ goache on paper

Robert Steven Connett, "CEPHALOPODS II" (2017), 15" X 15" acrylic, sealed wood panel

Robert Steven Connett, “CEPHALOPODS II” (2017), 15″ X 15″ acrylic, sealed wood panel

One Response to Preview Gallery 2: Heavy Metal’s 40th Anniversary Art Show

  1. the Zombie pinball back glass is clearly a monster mash:) love those when done well
    back outside is clearly inspired from alice and all that entails, apocalypse now, from boone, dia de muerta, very nice, art nouveau in boundary, partially, but a pastel textured centerpiece
    For the yatagarasu, almost like a goth reply to arriety nice

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