Preview Gallery 2: Heavy Metal’s 40th Anniversary Art Show


T-minus two days until Heavy Metal’s 40th Anniversary Art Show! The opening reception is SATURDAY (July 15) at Copro Gallery at 8 PM in the Bergamot Arts Complex, 2525 Michigan Ave T5, in Santa Monica. A large crowd is expected, so we recommend arriving early.

You can see the full list of artists here: Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary Art Show Opens July 15!. This show will feature 100+ works by Heavy Metal-published (or Heavy Metal-approved) artists.

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Here’s another modest dose of awesomeness—the actual show will feature over 150 pieces:

Alex Horley, "Zombie Pinball Back Glass," Acrylic on board

Alex Horley, “Zombie Pinball Back Glass,” Acrylic on board

Craola, "Back Outside" (2017), 24" x 18" Acrylic on  Canvas Wrapped Panel

Craola, “Back Outside” (2017), 24″ x 18″ Acrylic on
Canvas Wrapped Panel

Dave Lebow, "Green Death"  (2017), 17" x 12" oil on canvas

Dave Lebow, “Green Death”
(2017), 17″ x 12″ oil on canvas

Dave MacDowell, "The Narcissist," 24" x 24 " acrylic on canvas

Dave MacDowell, “The Narcissist,” 24″ x 24 ” acrylic on canvas

Mark Bode, "Swing left Chaboocheck" (circa 1995),, 17" x 13" illustration board / multimedia

Mark Bode, “Swing left Chaboocheck” (circa 1995),, 17″ x 13″ illustration board / multimedia

Matthew Bone, "Apocalypse Now," 24" x 36" oil on panel

Matthew Bone, “Apocalypse Now,”
24″ x 36″ oil on panel

Peach Momoko, "For the Yatagarasu (Japanese Taarna on Bird)," 30" x 24" goache on paper

Peach Momoko, “For the Yatagarasu (Japanese Taarna on Bird),” 30″ x 24″ goache on paper

Robert Steven Connett, "CEPHALOPODS II" (2017), 15" X 15" acrylic, sealed wood panel

Robert Steven Connett, “CEPHALOPODS II” (2017), 15″ X 15″ acrylic, sealed wood panel

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