Hoax Hunters Season Finale Is Available Now! Here’s a Taste

Hoax Hunters 5

And so concludes season 2 of Hoax Hunters, the brilliant series by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley with art by Christian DiBari and colors by Mike Spicer. Hoax Hunters follows a team of actual paranormal investigators who use a faux reality show as their cover — they hunt spooky stuff while pretending to debunk the very things they are hunting.

At least, that’s the way the book went for its first season, which was published by Image Comics and ended in January 2014. Heavy Metal revived Hoax Hunters as its first stand-alone comic, and the yarn Moreci, Seely and company have delivered has been everything we expected.

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Season two kicked off with the team missing its leader, problems with the TV show, and a change of location — to Paris. Soon enough we were investigating a prison dimension and facing massive monsters. If you haven’t been following, you might want to catch up by picking up the back issues (1-4, $3.50 apiece) in the Heavy Metal shop.

Hoax Hunters season 2 #5

That’s also where you’ll find issue 5 of Hoax Hunters, the gripping finale to Season 2.

Here’s a five-page preview:

Hoax Hunters season 2 #5

Hoax Hunters season 2 #5

Hoax Hunters season 2 #5

Hoax Hunters season 2 #5

Hoax Hunters season 2 #5

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