Heavy Metal’s Next Title Is “The Doorman” — Get Your Preorders In!

The Doorman

The Doorman

This is some crazy action right here—it seems like we just published our third standalone title this week (which we did, Narcopolis) and now we’re set to blow your minds with a FOURTH! It’s called The Doorman, and it’s a planet-hopping, portal-riffic sci-fi adventure you’ve got to read.

To read it, you’ve got to get it, and to get it, you may need to take some action. See, we’re within two weeks of FOC—Final Order Cutoff (1/29/16)—the day when comic shops tell the distributors what they want to stock. They’ll base their decisions on anticipation of the title, and the most direct way of signaling anticipation is the preorder. There’s a great post about preordering here at Kelly Sue DeConnick’s blog.

But a little more about The Doorman. You should be excited because it’s co-written by Eliot Rahal, who wrote The Paybacks for Dark Horse with Donny Cates (who writes Heavy Metal’s Interceptor). You should also be excited because it’s co-written by Daniel Kibblesmith. Kibblewho? Kibblesmith, just about one of the funniest fuckers you will find these days. He’s a writer on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and a contributor to Clickhole (The Onion’s less journalistic kid brother). So there will be comedy jokes. Art is by Kendall Goode, a young talent who’s worked on various things.

When you’re preordering The Doorman, your comic shop proprietor will enter the Diamond Order Code on his order form. For The Doorman, it’s STK698182. You can write that on your hand if you want to remember it—or you can bring this handy sheet to the shop:

Doorman Preorder Listicle
More about “The Doorman” — and the magic preorder code! Click image to enlarge.

Check out these covers for The Doorman—cool stuff, right? We’ll have more information from the book’s creators in the coming days, so stay tuned…

Doorman issue 1
“The Doorman” issue 1 cover
Doorman issue 2
“The Doorman” issue 2 cover
Doorman issue 3
“The Doorman” issue 3 cover

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